The Event Dirt
  • Event Date: August 26, 2023
  • Entry Deadline: August 12, 2023 (Register Here)
  • Team Entry Fee: $275
  • First Place Prize: $275
  • Limit 16 teams
  • Limit 10 people per team
  • Must be 18 years of age, sorry, no exceptions
  • Please keep team name PG13 if you want it announced 😉
  • Check in starts at 9:00 a.m. and closes at 9:45 a.m.
  • Captains’ meeting (required) starts at 9:30 a.m.
  • Play starts at 10:00 a.m.
  • Each team is guaranteed at least four games (four pool, top four to tourney)
The Muck of the Day
  • At check in, each team member must sign the waiver and will then receive a wristband. This is the ID for anyone to be allowed in the pits
  • Each team’s captain will pick up their own team’s shirts upon check in
  • Substitutions from original roster will be allowed with waiver signature, but only PRIOR to 9:45 a.m. Original T-shirt size requests cannot be modified
  • Players may only play on one team for the entire day, barring exceptional circumstances to allow for roster sub (i.e. medical emergency that leaves team short players). This is a judgement call and is not subject to dispute
  • Team schedules will be posted and announced throughout the day. If a team is unable to pit 6 players on their roster within five minutes of scheduled game time/announcement, that team will forfeit the game and will not be reimbursed
  • Top eight teams will be seeded from pool play results into single elimination tournament
  • There will be rocks, sticks, debris, etc. worked up throughout the day in pits and it will get slick- play at your own risk with the knowledge that mud pits carry obvious inherit risks. We will do our best to remove hard objects but common sense dictates the impossibility of perfecting such a task.
  • Each pit will carry its own unique flaws which will not be fair to all participants- that’s the pits, so take it or leave it
  • Play rain or shine. In case of lightning, the tournament coordinator reserves the right to suspend/alter/cancel games
  • No coolers will be allowed- beer and food vendor will be available near the pits. Any coolers will be asked to politely exit the premises
  • No jewelry allowed (it will be confiscated by the mud, and is especially fond of wedding rings)
  • Altoona Palooza is not responsible for lost or stolen items, including those pilfered by the mud
  • If your team must drop out, please notify the registration table as soon as possible
  • All children and non-participants must stay out of the mud at all times
The Mire Tips
  • Bring chairs and a pop up tent for shade- limited bench seating may be available
  • Taping shorts to tucked in shirts prevents shorts from falling
  • Wearing swimsuits under clothes makes rinsing easier
  • Hoses will be provided for rinsing off- no hot water showers will be available
  • Bring saline and extra contact lenses- swim goggles may be helpful
  • Suggested clothing is tightly woven fabrics
  • Duct tape socks to help reduce scrapes. Shoes are optional but strongly suggested
  • Bring a “clean” and “dirty” towel, and a change of clothes and sandals
  • Spray bottles and buckets help with cleanup
  • Everyone making this event happen is a volunteer and is putting forth a lot of time and effort to allow this event to be held, so if you like mud volleyball opportunities in Altoona, please keep your happy pants on… HAVE FUN!!
The Mud Rules
  • Co-Ed teams of six with at least three females in pit at all times
  • One game will be played to 30 points using rally scoring (point given after every serve)
  • Teams must win by two (2) points, no point cap, or winner is team that is ahead by 2 points at 25 minute time cap
  • All players must rotate clockwise upon a side out (getting the serve back from the opponent)
  • The order of service must stay the same throughout the game. A sub must serve for the same person each time and can only serve once per rotation (a rotation is a minimum of six positions or maximum of 10, depending on how many people a team has playing in that game)
  • Service must start anywhere in the general back court vicinity, inside the pit
  • Let serves (when the ball hits the net but goes over) are good
  • Serves may not be blocked or attacked
  • General volleyball rules will be “loosely” followed
  • Judgement calls cannot be disputed (i.e. ball in/out; ball thrown, double contact, etc.); however, RULE INTERPRETATION may be inquired upon with tournament coordinator (i.e. first contact can be a double)
  • Tournament Coordinator may eject any player who displays flagrant or gross unsporting behavior (i.e. drunkenness, physical/verbal altercations, etc.)
  • Only the team captain may speak with the referee during the game
  • Each team is allowed 1) one-minute time-out per game
  • A female must have at least one of the contacts when there are two or three contacts on a side
  • Any ball which hits the outline of the court and lands in the pit will be considered good; if it continues out, it’s out
  • For safety, players may not step or jump out of the pit to play the ball. Any ball outside the outline will be declared dead and the appropriate side-out/point will be awarded
  • A side out/point will be awarded to the other team if players purposely dunk or add mud to the ball.
  • To start game, winner of coin toss will choose serve or side. Teams will switch sides when one team reaches 15 points.
  • Pool play will consist of four teams (each team plays three games). Pool standings will be mixed for single elimination tournament (each team plays at least one game- when you lose, you’re done)

For any questions, please contact Brandy at or 641-660-3245.

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